Looking back from the years that have past, if I was a law court I would hold myself responsible and sentence myself for not writing a piece about Akwa-Ibom State concerning the catching stories, news, entertainment, lifestyle, culture, peace, education and all that I encountered from my last visit to Akwa Ibom State.

I actually paid for a bus ticket twice because of the food I ate at Ikot-Ekepne Road, Aka-Ubong at 10:00 and which was a little distance from the park where I bought my first ticket, thanks to GOD Almighty, I was able to catch another bus at 12:30pm for a journey worth 4 hours, night journey had never been my thing. It was a very smooth journey with different minds on board the vehicle, from different local government of the state; likes of Abak, Eket, Uyo,Ika, Etim-Ekpo but, you know journeys were never complete without our brothers from the East, they came for varieties of business like the saying goes;

Whatever I am about to say does not hold true for every Igbo Lady from the East, I may have met the wrong set of Igbo Ladies or perhaps it was just bad luck but, my experience was personal and not in any way related to my experience while dealing with ladies from other tribes other than those from the East.

The Good News

Many people throughout the world are struggling to get by and function. Economic tough times have spread across this planet and forced people into moments they never expected. Many struggle to make something out of nothing, but only few people achieve their goals and objectives.

five reasons why you must surmount challengesWhy challenges may seem like a constant in our every day activity, while giving us a bad taste of life itself, they are not totally bad as they can help propel us into our future if we face and surmount them on a daily. Challenges and obstacles are more of examinations for lessons learnt in every stage of life. Below are two reasons why you should surmount whatever challenge that confronts you;

When you see most couples in Nigeria, the first question that will pop into your mind is, is she his mother or wife?

Why Does She Look Older than Her Husband?

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A lot of us misconstrue the true meaning of love. For some of us it is about that special feeling without any form of responsibility. Love goes beyond all that, I personally think love can be summarised as seen below;

  • Are you tired of praying and suddenly want to stop?
  • Are you losing hope because you have prayed too much and your situation still hasn't changed?
  • How long have you prayed about that stubborn situation that is making you double minded towards continuous prayers?
  • Do you remember the consistency of the woman in Luke 18:1-8?
  • Or was it not through fervent prayers that Hannah who was childless for years got pregnant and gave birth to Samuel?
  • Do you believe that nothing is impossible for God to do? Luke 1:37.

Your Words, Your Dreams and Your Thoughts have the power to create conditions in your life. What You speak about, You can bring about, speak positively and see positive things happening in your life. Yes life has its ups and downs, as a matter of fact, it will swirl you to different directions but, that's not enough reason to believe you are a failure. Just look at this:

This article is a self-approach to career choosing and will give you a guide on how to choose your career so as to make decisions you won't regret. Read on: While choosing a career, there are basic principles you need to know and take into consideration, they are;

A virtuous woman is gentle, kind, tolerant, honest and has integrity. Many talk about her, many admire her, she's just like a star shinning for the world to see. The goodness in her exudes all good character traits and the joy of her love is strong, it brings happiness. She works with her hands and takes good care of her home.

Tyler Perry was born and raised in New Orleans, to Willie Maxine (Campbell) and Emmitt Perry, Sr. His mother was a church-goer and took Perry along with her once a week. His father was a carpenter and they had a very strained and abusive relationship, which led Perry to suffer from depression as a teenager. In 1991, he was working an office job, when he saw an episode of The Oprah Winfrey Show (1986) discussing the therapeutic nature of writing.