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XCOM5 offers engaging content monthly to upwards of 50,000 pageviews per month, largely comprised of the coveted 18-26 demographic. Constantly raising the bar since it’s inception over a month ago, XCOM5 serves as the ideal medium to reach your potential customer.

XCOM5 runs a Variety Ad Platform with which any XCOM5 member can place a certian type of advert based on their budget to attract a certain set of people he/she wants to reach based on the kind of ad. For example;

  1. The Radom Banner Ad is a PPC/PPI form of Advertising and is more Expensive than placing a Featured Listing;
  2. The Featured listing Ad is the list Expensive but can always be seen by Every Guest/Registered Member which is also an advantage.

Contact US on 08124387153 for ads enquires.